Our selection of mounting boards includes a number of different options for photo presentations.

ProSec® is a process used for face mounting photographs on acrylic.
The print is mounted using a liquid adhesive and the result is an image that is completely flat.
The whole process is dedicated to mounting the print without air bubbles or dirt in-between the acrylic and image.
For the reverse, we use a 2mm aluminium composite sheet.
All ProSec® prints are equipped with aluminium or plastic back-frame that allows the work to be hung.
The frame is hidden and leaves the picture floating on the wall.

  • Max. Size 100x250cm
  • Museum Quality / Archival / pH-neutral
  • Clear acrylic 98% UV-filter
  • Aluminium hanging rails 15x18x15mm
  • PVC hanging list are roughly 10x45mm


Aluminium composite mounting
We use 2/3mm aluminium composite which is lightweight and perfect for archival framing and large print mounting.

  • Max. Size 110x200cm
  • 2mm 1 m2 weighs about 3 kg
  • 3mm 1 m2 weighs about 4 kg
  • Museum Quality / Archival / pH-neutral
  • Aluminium hanging rails 15x18x15mm
  • PVC hanging list are roughly 10x45mm
  • Lighter than anodized aluminum


2 mm anodized aluminum

  • The sheet surface is highly resistant to mechanical abrasion and corrosion.
  • Anodizing is the most environmentally friendly surface treatment of aluminum.
  • Suitable for fine art, very smooth surface.
  • Aluminium mounting is a method approved by museums.
  • Maximum mounting size: 110 x 200cm.
  • 1 m2 weighs 5.2kg


5/10mm Kapa Mount
Kapa Mount is strongest mounting surface available from the Kapa product range with a rigid polyurethane foam filling and aluminum laminated surfaces.
Suitable for shorter-term suspension.

  • Aluminum ensures rigidity and straightness, especially when mounted with only one side.
  • The sheet is fire classified according to DIN 4201, B2.
  • The edges of the cut surface are slightly gray.
  • Maximum mounting size: 100x300cm
  • Low impact and dent resistance.