Five Short Stories
Cinque Storie Brevi



Five ways to fall in love.
Five actions to save the day.
Five levels of fiction presented trough photography.
Five ways media can influence our intimacy.
Five representations of subtle and non-violent revolution.

" Images chase after our whole existence as contemporaries, and are projected from every visual angle, from manifold fetish windows and screens in all circumstances. Over our eyes looms up the powerful call of media which challenge permeates daily life with impossible neutrality.

Only dreams are immortal visions in their fantastic, uncontaminated and unchangeable absurdity. They greatly resemble the past.

All visionaries are free to understand simply through the eyes. Technique does not support the picture further; it simply deforms it, and that, precisely, only thanks to a regenerative outrage, to an absurd and only apparently useless contamination, to a passionate intrusion into the presumed purity of the original images.

The result is no longer an authentic world but authentic filtered reproduction."
(Francesco Paolo Oddo, Italy 2010)

Five Short Stories is an exhibition curated by David Brock and realised with the technical support of sicilian photographer Francesco Ciprí and sicilian printmaker Antonino D'Aguanno.

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